Painless weight loss program really works

Posted On 29/06/2007

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Lap band surgery are among few weight loss program that really works for people facing obesity problem.

The transcript of wikipedia say

The placement of the band creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach which holds approximately 50 ml. This pouch ‘fills’ with food quickly and the passage of food from the top to the bottom of the stomach is slowed. As the upper part of the stomach believes it is ‘full’, the message to the brain is that the stomach is full and this sensation helps the person to eat smaller portions and lose weight over time.

And the most interesting part are the band is adjustable without surgery.

The band is inflated/adjusted via a small access port placed just under the skin subcutaneously. Radio opaque isotonic solution or saline is introduced into the band via the port. A specialized needle is used to avoid damage to the port membrane. There are many port designs and they may be placed in varying positions based on the surgeon’s preference. The port may be sutured in place. When fluid is introduced the band expands, placing pressure around the outside of the stomach. This decreases the size of the passage in the stomach and restricts the movement of food.

So people who undergo the “program” may temporary “relief” the lap band function due to specific requirement, e.g. pregnancy, outdoor camp training, increase physical activity,etc.

Some people worry that lap band might lead to malnutritions problem. However, it is a misconception brought by the traditional malabsorptive weight loss surgery. Routine supplement such as Calcium supplements and Vitamin B12 injections are not require for lap band surgery.

In fact, people who unable to maintain a consistent weight loss program should consider Lap band surgery than weight loss pills. In long run, the cost of lap band surgery are cheaper than the cost of the bill. are currently carried out lap band surgery and series of cosmetic program in Mexico. The advantages of having for lap band surgery are the saving. Compare to United States counterparts, the Mexico Cosmetic Surgery are 60% to 75% cheaper than Bariatric Surgeons in America . With the cost save, your Mexico trips are almost free. has setup a TOL free line 1-866-309-0036 for inquiry.


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