LKY statement make the dog jump accord to the rhythm

Posted On 02/07/2007

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I must agree with Aisheman blog on
Lee Kuan Yew, The Genius
. Indeed, in politics, “genius” are relative, relative among the parties that interact.

Singapore companies intending to invest in the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) cannot expect privileged treatment from Malaysia just like the “generous treatment” accorded by China to investors from Hong Kong in Shenzhen province, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said.
“Singapore cannot expect the same treatment from Malaysia,” he said in a special interview with Berita Harian to mark the Malay daily’s 50th anniversary tomorrow.
… “On one side Pas is trying to topple the prime minister but when Umno leaders, particularly from Johor, are also doing the same, Singaporean investors must seriously ask themselves when this attitude will change and whether they welcome us in IDR,” he said. [Bernama via The Brunei Times]

The world know LKY are calculative when making statement. It is easy to make statement that make Bolehland politikus jump, but gaining upper hand and benefit from the statement itself are art.

By bringing Shenzen into the picture, LKY are hinting the world that IDR lack many incentive offer by many country. In fact, beside China, Vietnam are another emerging counterpart for FDI channel to Asia. But Shenzen success are mainly due to the “special zone” given to Hong Kong investors : special zone is mean to instill a “trust” in the heart of the investor.

Unfortunately, due to many years of NEP, Bolehland politikus especially those ArmNor politikus, has no idea how the real business world run.


One Response to “LKY statement make the dog jump accord to the rhythm”

  1. rottentillthecore

    Let’s not look at the conspiracy theory, the fact that Malaysia’s relevant departments failed to give a satisfactory answer to Singapore investors’s inquiries during their IDR visit few weeks back has put some of them off. How do you expect others to invest when you not even ready to respond? Policy not in place? That’s how I look at it.

    Huge vision, but where is the detailed plan?

    moo_t : I think Mr LKY well aware of it. It is idiocy not to gather intelligent from the larger neighbor. LKY need no 2nd hand information from Malaysia politikus nor Singapore businessman, Before Dollah announce IDR to Malaysian, LKY already got first hand information from somewhere else. After Thailand military coup incidents, Lioncity must take politics play into consideration before making any move.

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