Business registration vs domain name registration

In the “good old day”, when someone come with a bright idea or services, unless one are loaded, business registration are never a cheap approach. Although most country and states trying to be business friendly as possible, enter Dot Com era, many young entrepreneurs will rather start their business from a Dot Com domain name to build the business profile than.

However, there is a big different between a business registration and domain name registration.
Firstly, under state registration law, there is different level of business structure apply to help the entrepreneurs. For example, register as LLC will will entrepreneurs protection of their personal properties. This mean should the lucky star failed to shine on the entrepreneurs, the liabilities(e.g. debts, defaults) claims will not extended to the owner personal. It is a system means to give entrepreneurs a chance to start a much solid business model as fresh. In addition, a register business is require to make a tracking accounting records, which is essential for potential investor to look into the business.

Unlike the old day, register a business is little hassle with the help of online professional services such as The online professional offer an extensive level of information to help entrepreneurs to choose the best business structure for startup.

In addition, provide a in depth information on various states business rules and climate. For example, to register as Tennessee LLC, there is a page to list of facts to help you decide to choose to register your business in Tennessee. For example, facts on business information & rankings, cost of living, fees & Taxes, are useful information to the business to land on the most friendly place for their business (and making profit).

If you are thinking of starting a business, you should give the low fee, highly informative and a try.


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