Malaysia newspaper like bunch of hyena!!

Posted On 09/07/2007

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This is disgusting. Because the little girl dies in gruesome, the mainstream newspaper should indeed play it in low key than using the opportunity.

If anyone remember, it is this same fucking Malaysia newspaper that “condemn” the practice of paparazi .

But when something bad happens that involve privacy of Joe public, Malaysia mainstream media are NOT HESITATE to reap the opportunity. While paparazi target the celebrities, Malaysia media target the civilian! The reason are pretty obvious : Joe public can’t hold their balls, unlike politikus and big crocs!

KNNCCB mainstream media!!

马来西亚的新闻媒体说常常说,不要学西方媒体的抄作和狗仔队的作业方式, 可是交出来的却是比别人还要贱的功课。 今天马来西亚所有”主流”新闻媒体只有一个标题, 就是小女孩被杀害的事件。 想像一下, 已经失去了孩子的父母, 居然还要看到铺天盖地的标题, 以它来作为群众的饭后题。


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