Photo : Lake Toba

Posted On 10/07/2007

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Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia.
(From Google map satellite image. )

(shoot from the moving bus)



All photo are mildly adjusted with Picasa and Gimp .

Lake toba is the biggest volcano crater lake in the world. It raised 900 meters above sea level, and the temperature is pleasant 20-25 degree Celsius.

The camera CCD dust is a pain for post processing. Picasa is quite handy, although it’s features cannot compete with true photo processing tools such as Photoshop, Gimp. But is is good enough for web publishing purpose.

More photo available here ->

Series of Lake Toba photo from friends :). Don’t worry, you won’t see similar photo.
E.T. – EhurnNee Teh 恩妮 ( I prefer abbrev. of Teh Eurn Nee : T.E.N :p )
Siang Ching 向菁的个人空间

People that went but photo post somewhere that I can’t remember 😉
TwLong 土龍寨
Cherry Tea 二分之一路

到底摄影是为了拍清晰无暇的照片给别人看呢, 还是为了写照当时的情景?在移动的巴士上拍照的限制非常多, 快门就决定了一切。在 high ISO 设定下, CCD noise 肯定是无法避免的。 “不够清晰” 不是一个放弃挑战的好借口。

看了其他人的照片, 发现每个人的喜好很明显的在网页上表现出来。 当然大家放出来的作品 连 1% 都不到。


2 Responses to “Photo : Lake Toba”

  1. vindicare

    yea… i agree wif u…
    so sometimes ppl define blurred pic as “artistic”

  2. penman

    the dog didn’t bite u~meh?


    Did you notice the dog in the cart? They are 享受狗生.

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