What if criminal/terrorist pretends as Special Branch ?

Posted On 14/07/2007

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This is a bad, very bad.

Many Bolehland citizen didn’t realize the reason of authority to get proper court warrant and paper procedure to make an arrest. In fact, it is a way to PROTECT the citizen and the country from people ABUSE the power.

By doing this, it will earn Bolehland a name in the international List of secret police organizations. Yes, the PM can denied that we don’t have KGB, NSS, ABC,DEF, XYZ. When you abuse the special branch power, you are no better than them.

And we hear many case criminals pretends as uniform police. Now doing it in plain coat, it will create fear on people, where triads and syndicate take the opportunity to kidnap people in the public and nobody can take action.

How about terrorist pretends as Bolehland special branch and kidnap the caucasian tourist in front of public?

The Prime Minister better answer this. Otherwise it is matter of time European Union and US to put Bolehland under list of high terrorist threat countries.

Alas! I think Mob Kangaroo poster bring bad omen. šŸ˜¦


3 Responses to “What if criminal/terrorist pretends as Special Branch ?”

  1. mob1900

    They’re ‘Fishing'(finding fault) by first pretending to bring him back for ‘questioning’ while confiscating his computer, laptop and phone. While leading family and friends on a wild goose chase by denying he was in their custody. Whole family thought he was kidnapped, the Five-Os even ask the family yo lodge a police report at Dang Wangi where they later found out is the very place he’s reprimanded. Waliao!

    Now they’re remanding him further for ‘Providing a link’ to an OSAed website. How do you OSA a website? bodohnya…

    Thank god he is not kidnapped by terrorist, and held ransom in a video tape. I am worry triad and terrorist just take the opportunity “profiteering” from the unprofessional “special branch” work.

  2. Sheena

    And they didn’t even explain properly where they were taking him or WHY they were taking him:

    “Nak bincang sikit…”

    Wow, that’s really official language šŸ˜› READ THE MIRANDA!

  3. LadyMariah

    rasanya bukan SB yang tangkap la…

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