I bet Bolehland team will make another -5 with Iran

Posted On 15/07/2007

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1-5 against the Chinese
0-5 against the Uzbeks

Now we know China team are really “give face”(the sign is obvious from the score timing). Uzbeks don’t give us a damn. Bolehland teams are gonna face Iran. I am not sure whether Iranian are give face or beat the shit out of Bolehland team, since Iran don’t like Bolehland chairing OIC.

Gosh, lucky there is few match. Imagine if the game take 10 match, getting -5 against all team, it will make -50, not a good sign for Bolehland 50 years celebration. :p

This topic is inspired by Hantu Bola : 10 – 1 to the Chinese and the Uzbeks. Bring on the Iranians, I say!


2 Responses to “I bet Bolehland team will make another -5 with Iran”

  1. Ho

    Wow, seem their great effort have been well-paid.
    So proud of them 😦

  2. penman

    well, at least our team is consistent!

    0-5 all the way!


    What a disgrace to your own nation!

    Well, Iran is around the corner. I hope they keep the 0-5 consistency than having 2-10

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