Rights is something you fight for, you can never beg it for

Posted On 19/07/2007

Filed under Food for thoughts

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After reading Nathaniel Tan blog on his unlawful,unprofessional and political driven detention story, something pop out in my head :

The people must fight for their own rights,
Because it can NEVER be given from begging the government

It is the society that put the case in the international arena that make the Bolehland police precautions on every step they taken on the unlawful episode. And Nathaniel Tan incident will become another incidents to help the next victims. Yes, I am not exaggerate about the word -“victims”.

There is no different when the society terrorized by a triads/gangster or government. There is many people live through the mass government terrorism last century. Unfortunately, humanity will not see the last of it, especially 3rd world country.


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