WOOT! Now Bloggers are cyber criminal

Posted On 24/07/2007

Filed under Food for thoughts, Jokes

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First there’s come ZAM infamous “All bloggers are liar, 80% of them are unemployed female”.

Then MPZ, with MSF support, ” government should not compromise with the bloggers and use existing laws like the Penal Code, Sedition Act 1948 and the Internal Security Act (ISA) against them”

Looks mom, I am famous. 🙂

(nope, I am not refer to you, 5xmom, you already fehmes liao 😉 )

What next, Bloggers possess super power? I like One1111111111!!!!


One Response to “WOOT! Now Bloggers are cyber criminal”

  1. helen

    Yes, every nobody should start a blog so they can be somebody. The ultimate image booster…

    yeah, we’re bad, dude.

    While at it, let’s extend the ISA courtesy to those coffee shop uncle.

    moo_t : Well, in this country, I can never run out of topic for “Is it progress when a cannibal use fork”.

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