Spin lesson 101 : 1/3 flights delay, or 2/3 flights on schedule

Posted On 30/07/2007

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The glass is half empty or the glass is half full, it is up to individual interpretation.

But when come to business, it mean profit or loss. For mainstream media, there is a lots of space to spin on this matters.

Doc Maverick has make his
rant here
. Taking the 33% flight delay sound “reasonable” for those politikus joker like the lame duck transport minister CKC. If you think twice, you will learn it is 1 out of 3 flight that miss the schedule.

Something is gone grave wrong when one third (1/3) of the plane of the flight company unable to service their plane on time. In fact, this is a sign to show that MAS neglect their Enterprise resource planning.

I will not hold my breath. Since Bolehland Parliament are no better than MAS.


One Response to “Spin lesson 101 : 1/3 flights delay, or 2/3 flights on schedule”

  1. Maverick

    From KL to Kuching, my flight was delayed from 8.15am to 12noon and then told that it was canceled. Finally, the flight was at 3pm and I landed in Harbour View Hotel Kuching at 5.30pm. On the way back from Kuching to KL last sunday, the flight was again delayed.

    Almost every flights were delayed.

    I spoke to Idris Jala and he assured me that the problem would be tackled immediately. I am traveling again this weekend and will know what improvement was made.

    moo_t : Well, I am touching wood when I talk about this experience. I have few flight with A.A, I encounter maximum 2 hours delay twice. But with MAS, it is hell of OMGBBQ 6 hours delays. Feel cheated buying the overpriced ticket 😦 . It is 2006 experience. Seems MAS reaching new low level.

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