Using Google Reader to bypass blocked/DDoSed Malaysia blogs

Posted On 31/07/2007

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If you are getting annoyed with the recent slowdown on the Streamyx connection, fear not. Worst, it seems locally host site are susceptible to DDoS attack within the country. For example, Jeffooi blog, Malaysia today site. And even non social-political like 5xmom are not spare from those jealous cybertrooper (weii.. earn USD, sure got lots of people jealous.)

Many Malaysia internet user start learning to use open proxy outside the country, because whenever a DDoS launch on those popular Malaysia site, the firewall will just black out the whole incoming connection from most (actually all) Malaysia IP. On the other hand, the firewall will leave the IP not from Malaysia to pass through. And that’s why open proxy will works.

Anyway, it is pretty troublesome to find a functional open proxy and many people has no idea how to configure a proxy inside their web browser.

So the easiest way to read a blog attacked by those pathetic cyber-trooper? Google Reader.

It is a simple as ABC if you use Google mail

  1. Login Gmail
  2. After login, check the top portion of Gmail interface and look for “More” and click on it
  3. A List of Google application features will appear, just look for Reader and click on it, it will open Google Reader application in a new windows or new tab
  4. Now you are inside Google Reader, a personalised “Blog aggregator”.
  5. Now just look for a function the Add Subscription in thick font and click on it.
  6. Just add the blog site to the input bar. For example, , and click the Add button
  7. That’s it, you will notice Google will start grab articles from your favorite blog site.

Because Google server are reside out of Malaysia, Google Reader are able to fetch the articles and bypass the firewall Malaysia DDoS IP restriction.

By the time people like Jeffooi and RPK administrator job down those lowlife cybertrooper activity and make decide whether to make a police report, just enjoy your reading. The comments can wait. 🙂


One Response to “Using Google Reader to bypass blocked/DDoSed Malaysia blogs”

  1. Chin Tat

    It really helps … thanks !

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