Profiteering country for criminals and corruptions

Posted On 08/08/2007

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Prosecution problem or Lawyers’ inefficient?. Well, we see it coming since 2004. Most of the “suppose to be professional” law enforcer, one by one shatters prime case on various “procedure error”.

Murders suspect, murders convicts, robbers, firearms stealing, etc, are roams free thanks to the “professional treatment” of the law enforcer.

On the other hand, we also body that “suppose to crack down corruptions “, the ACA, collapse and and turn into “Corruption Laundry House’.

Alas, it means, even without sufficient money, as long as the criminals are “lucky”, and the rubber stamping house “Parliahment” spend their fucking time on various rubbish to curb the dissidents.

Worst, we see PM, DPM, parliahment members, muftis, politikus, councilperson, etc, those are suppose to keep their job done, all roaming free on mainstream media to portrait themselves as SAINT or TEACHER to the people.

Well, you can’t ignore the great Chinese Philosopher Zhuang Zi (370 to 301 BCE ) wisdom, When the saints die, the bandits will fade aways . (圣人不死, 大盗不止, pingyin – Shen Ren Bu Shi, Da Dao Bu Zi)


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