ZhuangZi : the 2200 years old liberal democrat

Taoism, in fact, is a philosophy. For two thousands of year, Taoism is NEVER take place as a religions. Indeed, the so call “Tao religion” is merely Chinese folk religion, which has nothing to do with Taoism liberal idealism.

Whether in the famous movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon , Hong Kong triads movie “Infernal Affairs”《无间道》 or any Wuxia story, the world JianHu (江湖) are originate from Zhuang Zi (~370BCE to 301 BCE) “inner page” script.

Due to the cryptic ancient Chinese writing, there is many different interpretation of ZhuangZi idealism. The most successful ZhuangZi philosophy book ever “draw” are illustrate by famous Taiwan cartoonist Tsai Tzi Zhong .

Jiang Hu

Each other should forgotten in the stream (JiangHu)
1. When the river dries up
2. Fishes are trapped on the dried river bed, trying to stay together in order get each other mositurised, with the water bubbles from the lip.
3. Big fish ,”Get a drop of water from my sliver and prevent yourself from drying up”. Little fish,”Thanks, you are kind”.
4. It is nice to care each other. However, isn’t it better to live in the river with plentiful of water, where all fishes don’t know each other than caring each other in harsh conditions?

Many people think this is a cold blood anarchist though. However, in 21st century, we learn that Democracy capable to create similar environment as describe by ZhuangZi. Where people can create a “river” of votes, rules out incompetent and make the government work for the people than otherwise.

Here is some examples of rivers vs dried river bed.

  • A well planned national health policies that take care all the citizen VS ad-hoc donation for the patient can’t afford the medical fees.
  • A consumer protection rules that normalise the claims/unscrupulous seller VS getting political person to help revert the practice.
  • Municipals Councils voting that allow people to fire incompetent councilman VS pledge to ruling parties to “behave”

Yes, only in a civil society, we can “forget” each other than bond together and worry about everyday life, e.g. worry about the falling government that roams with corruptions and irregularity.

Tsai illustration has make the reading of 2200 years old wisdom a painless work. Teaming up with Brian Bruya, Tsai Tzi Zhong has publish his illustration in English and various language.

The Dao of Zhuangzi: The Harmony of Nature

You may find the books in MPH, Popular, etc. But better call them up instead of trying you luck. I notice MPH need 1-4 weeks to get the books for you.

p/s: Yes, my English sucks. You can always read Mat Salleh(s) review from Amazon.

WARNING for religion fanatics : Do not read the book, it has the abilities to make you pathetic brain blow off.


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