Most powerful Malaysian in the history

Posted On 10/08/2007

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First, the communist uprise fail to upturn Malaysia.

Second, the Indonesia confrontation fail to destroy the country

Third, the separation of Singapore doesn’t make much hitch.

Fourth, the country leap pass May 13 incidents.

Fifth, the country survive both the 80’s recession and 97 economy crisis.

But NameWee “shatters Malaysia” (as claimed by Bolehland minister) by one song. (Some even make a fan site for him)

This make him MORE POWERFUL than RPK, Jeffooi, Pak Dollah, Tun M, George Soros, Sukarno, Lee Kwan Yew, Chen Peng, Japan militarism occupant, British colonial, etc.

Now, can someone tell me where can I get his autograph. Beware, you don’t want to mess with the MOST powerful man in Malaysia.

KJ, can you weep at the corner.

Reading the national propaganda agency news about “seditions” that threat the country harmony, it almost send me ROFL(Rolling On Floor Laughing ).


4 Responses to “Most powerful Malaysian in the history”

  1. Rauff

    Hahaahahah~!!! This is a good one~!!! HAhahahah~!!

  2. davors

    the politician just wanna make noise…
    yo yo yo~

  3. ylchong


    I m joining KJ to weep in a corner — sisdar Helen’s church CONer — YOU did knot ask for Des’s autograph! Trait..! — Desi

    moo_t : But Desi haven’t get the certified “wanted” sign from sinmin-ister 😉

  4. mooiness

    Heh. Freaking awesome take on the issue.

    As for NameWee’s video, his ideas are what the DAP would say in more articulate ways, and what MCA don’t dare to say because they are too chicken-shit to upset their Barisan masters.

    moo_t : Actually what he did is just rap over the Negaraku. No changes on the national anthem.

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