Can Taiwan “handover” NameWee under political reason?

Posted On 12/08/2007

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Some smart-alecks just NEVER learn their lesson and keep their mouth shuts. Yes, I am talking about our smart alecks minister and the propaganda news agency, Bernama.

At the Namewee episode, thanks to the government controlled propaganda news agency, many Malaysia minister simply spit anything without using their brain.

For the Taiwan extradite law episode, it is comparable with extradition rules dealing with USA, UK, Europe and many First world country.

It is not because Malaysia cannot ask Taiwan to hand over a person, but because there is common international understanding NOT to hand over anyone in their border due to political reason.

Thus, Taiwan WILL NOT and CANNOT expel a person back to their home country because of POLITICAL reason(yes, you can argue Taiwan has a barbaric parliament). It is not different if NameWee study in European country (which has formal foreign relationship with Malaysia), it is wise that Malaysia foreign minister and all other minister to put down of idea charging NameWee as criminal using political reasons. Because the rule is simple, EU and citizen of EU will not tolerate it.

Now you know why Malaysia rarely get a MUTUAL respect from international society.


One Response to “Can Taiwan “handover” NameWee under political reason?”

  1. ShadowFox

    Actually there’s a simpler explanation.

    Taiwan is not a sovereign/independent ‘country’, and Malaysia recognises only China.

    Malaysia cannot have any official/extradition treaties with Taiwan, since it does not recognise Taiwan as a country.

    So no, Namewee cannot be extradited unless Malaysia wanna recognise Taiwan as a country, risking the wrath of China.

    moo_t : But my point is, even IF Taiwan has extradition ties with Malaysia, will/can Taiwan do it? Since Taiwan has their own rules on freedom of speech.

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