Absolute freedom does not exist as pig cannot fly

Posted On 13/08/2007

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You cannot strangle yourself to death using you own hand. In biology, it is impossible to do it, because at the end, you will faint and lost the strength to continue it.

It is much simple for a Totalitarians to enforce absolute control to the people. Ironically, the opposite of absolute control are NOT absolute freedom, but just the simple term freedom.

To put it into simple work, there is not restraints/responsibilities require for absolute control/tyranny, but there is greater restraint and responsibilities for freedom .

Yes, it is the exact opposite of a national propaganda machinery trying to tell us.

Freedom, either in individual freedom or freedom of speech, is similar to a >magnet that pointing to each other with the same polarity.

It is a invisible rules in the rules of freedom that prevent individual to interfere with another individual freedom. Thus if one “take their own freedom” to attack another person, then the “freedom” will disappear. Because this involve an invasive force that in nature, against the freedom of the counterpart.

Yes, freedom does come with great responsibilities. As long as a society does not understanding the responsibilities of freedom, they are not responsible.

Unfortunately, even after getting independent from British colonial for many years, many Malaysian are yet to understand and care about the real responsibilities : uphold the real freedom.

Yes, pig can floats in zero gravity, but it doesn’t mean it can fly. If anyone still insist it is flying, perhaps they should jump from a 100 floors building to experience the “flying”.


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