OMGBBQ! Malaysia want to be world police

Posted On 13/08/2007

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Is it because of the haze of something he smoke or drink last night? Alas, perhaps somebody forget to irradiate his brain to keep him in check.

The infamous Two Muahammad in his name strike again. The Bolehland propaganda cum PR machinery has never failed to report it .

Division chairman Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said there would be trouble if bloggers and webmasters were allowed to continue posting lies and defamatory statements……
Three resolutions were passed at yesterday’s meeting. These were:

  • To urge the government to develop special laws to take action against webmasters and bloggers, including foreigners, or locals who published comments, sketches or reports aiming to slander or insult the sanctity of Islam and the country’s constitution, be it locally or abroad;
  • To urge the government to develop special laws to enable the extradition of bloggers, webmasters, foreigners or locals who spread lies, insult Islam or the constitution, instigating tension and enmity among different ethnic groups; and,
  • To call for the revocation of citizenship of Malaysians considered traitors, whether the offence is committed locally or overseas, if a prima facie case against them is established. If the offence is committed by foreigners residing overseas, firm action must be taken to prevent them from entering the country. For those residing in Malaysia, legal action must be taken to evict and blacklist them from re-entering the country.

Woot. It seems beside SJEC, NCER, ECER and WTF-ER, at last, ArmNor just invent something new for Malaysia : the role World police.

Oh, wait, WTF, isn’t it Malaysia are having “close door” policies NOT to “intervene” with others country policies. So how do you fix the logic of the “special law”? And don’t forget, Malaysia are relies on the export to Uncle Sam backyard, EU, Japan and their allies.

Are MMT going to buy Osama Bin Laden man with his pathetic millions to erect Malaysia as the world police. Oh wait….

And the revocation of citizenship. Oh my… If you having hard time to get a EU/US citizenship, MMT just give you a hint to get political asylums from 1st world country : being an “traitors” under ArmNor youth definition. Yes, Ibiza is a good refuge.

This blog is inspired by 5xmom blog Malaysia for world domination! Yeah, rite…..


2 Responses to “OMGBBQ! Malaysia want to be world police”

  1. The Boinq

    And this was the same guy who said that bloggers were housewives with nothing to do.

    I guess someone must be feeling the heat..

    moo_t: to cover up the “genuine printed” eye on Malaysia ticket agenda perhaps. 😉

  2. alexallied

    MM just had to do something in response to the flaming made towards him by Raja Petra. 😀

    moo_t : Poor RPK, he don’t need a pathetic low IQ “foe” like MMT, one is just too many. 😉

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