Prove you live in this land millions year ago then I will call myself Pendatang

Posted On 13/08/2007

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I am sick those Pendatang call. Whether pathethic UMNO politikus or some immature folks, has no idea that their bloody life are so short.

What is 500 years of glory Malays history compare to Srivajaya history? Yet Srivajaya empire is now ruin. And how about the great Rome empire 2700 years ago before us? And one upon a time, the Mongolia rules two third (2/3) of the Asia continent.

The volcano which form today Lake Toba , explode 850,000 years ago, and cover Malays Peninsular with 9 meters of ash falls.

And now pathetic human that can NEVER live more than 150 years keep repeating this, “Kalau tidak suka, balik “, “Pendatang”, “Kerana Melayu berkongsi Negara ini dengan kaum lain”.

Sigh! Mortals.


ZhuangZi : Autumn Water (Chiu Sui 秋水)

The ocean deity told the river deity :
Let’s talk about water. No water are greater than the ocean. Hundreds thousands of stream flow into the ocean and it never spills up; the oceans never run dries with a crack in the abyss. Whether Dry season or raining season, there is little changes to the ocean level.

Even the ocean are huge, but it is nothing for me to proud about. When I gather my form from the voids, my existence are no different than a little gravel, a small little piece of wood chips inside the mountain.

If you think about it, the four oceans on the earth, isn’t it like a small pools within a huge rock? Comparing continent to the four oceans, isn’t it similar to a piece of rice inside a huge granary.


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