Bakun Dam site location from Google map

Posted On 14/08/2007

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Just go to

and enter this coordinate

2.779652, 113.981781

or easier, enter the public pointer I just created
Bakun,Sarawak (try you luck, it take sometimes for GoogleMap to publish the public pointer)

And compare the map given by Malaysia economy planning unit.

Google map showing a scale of 10mm:10KM The bubble A is the location of Bakun Dam.

Using Google map distance tools, it show that the gazetted area for “relocation” is a trapezoid shape, stretching across 50KM from east to west, 20KM from north to south. Because it is trapezoid shape, the covered area is ~800 square Kilometers of forest area. You don’t need anyone to tell you that “free timber” in the Bakun formula.

Anyway, the Googlemap is based on 2006 copyrights.


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