NameWee video hit millions mark; MCAi elections damage control

Posted On 15/08/2007

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The latest youtube statistic show the video are gaining MORE popularity after triadsthreat issue from various terroristgovernment politickus.

Views: 894,044
Comments: 4060
Favorited: 4093 times

And the alternate video also make 190,510 and 70,775 views respectively. This mean the whole Negarakuku youtube is over 1 millions mark.

It seems with day goes by, more and more stupid idea and statements come from the politikus minister mouth. Thank goodness, NameWee apologies come to rescue. Yes, to rescue those Chinese triadsMCAi.

Those AMNOr politikus are senseless and fascist in natures. It is damaging to the nation image, worst, MCAi see there are more “agree” node from Chinese society about NameWee video, what AMnor did was highlighting MCAi lame duck running dogs roles. If OKT wanna play his hat tricks on Bukit Bintang, MCAi know that free NameWee Youtube promotion is something dangerous.

Just check the whole NameWee saga, you will find that it is a suicidal saga for MCAi. What OKT and his brother triadtrying to shut NameWee using his family. The apologize “move” is nothing but MCAi move to hint AMNor continue the damaging move on the expenses of MCAi. And don’t forget, MCAi has a big shit in front of their door step, the PKFZ RM 4.6 billions scandal they share with AMNor.

It is intriguing that Beside triadsMCAi OKT and his brother OKC, the team B fella that held the MoH minister, ChuaSuilek, are competiting with OKT,OKC to send the apologise message to ARMNO.


BTW, as stated in the rap lyrics, I never think the using PA system to broadcast the Solat has anything to do with religion tolerance. It is rather an uncivilised way to invade ALL citizens rights. If anyone can prove the Prophet using PA system 1,000 years ago, then I will retract my statement about such “traditions”.

Poster borrow from mob1900.


2 Responses to “NameWee video hit millions mark; MCAi elections damage control”

  1. anthraxxxx

    OKT = Or Kui Tow.

  2. twilight

    Apology from “namewee” (or his father) = victory of UMNO ! really fed up with this kind of situation…

    moo_t : Take it easy πŸ˜‰ Too bad NameWee didn’t ask for an EU citizenship before apology. πŸ˜‰ By the way, I heard this from some rumour, MCAi has a strong triads“underworld” link. OKT brother OKC has send triads to threaten NameWee family.

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