Satellite map of the RM4.6 Billions PKFZ

I love technology.

This is the original proposal

Click here to read the source

And this the real things.

Print screen from Google Map(c) 2006

And the land is acquired by some “private company” RM3.00 per square feet, and selling to the government for RM25 per square feet. (In year 2000, US$1 = RM3.80) Imagine getting a land for US$0.78 and selling it US$6.57.

And yes, all this information is acquired from the internet. You don’t need deep throat or little bird to get all this. If Bolehland government think of curbing all this information, they must become World’s police first.

As Chinese like to say, if you haven’t eat the port before but you must at least know how the pig looks like. Yes, especially after the country coffers are short out for RM4.6 billions.

谚语说: 没吃过猪肉,也应该看过猪跑路。 尤其是把 46亿 丢近大海, 大家应该看看这46亿 丢在那里。


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