Apologies not accepted. NameWee saga continue

Whether the timing is right or the timing is bad. It is up to individual interpretation.

But what I know is, Bolehland has a RM4.6Billions holes to pluck. And it is better to political assassinate your running dog MCAi than take all the heat on the coming election. And don’t forget, the recent sub-prime bond market just wipe off a few billions from KLSE. And you bet a huge sum of Baris Najis funds are wipe off from the market.

Now MCAi OK’s brother need to catch the hot yam throwing to them.

Oh by the way, after letting criminals, murderer and rapist get away scott free by the “Boleh” AG, Bolehland “de facto” law minister are so thick face to call upon to exercise law upon a rapper. Wait. NameWee is a rapper, not rapist, but… Well….. only in Bolehland.


One Response to “Apologies not accepted. NameWee saga continue”

  1. mob1900

    The OK brothers are the only tai-kors which the two labradors haven’t sniff out!

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