Save NameWee, save KLSE. You better believe!!! ;)

Posted On 16/08/2007

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Due to the heated up NameWee vs Bolehland government politikus episode, I notice there is something peculiar happen. Whenever a threat statement made by Bolehland butthead politikus to NameWee, KLSE Composite index will take a free dive. On the other hand, when NameWee make a positive statement, KLSE Composite index will revive.

Let’s take a pinch on the KLSE market report.

  • 7 August, BAD Metro Harian spin and demonise NameWee Negarakuku, politikus SH threat NameWee with legal action. Market open 1,303, closed 1,290, shed 13 points (-13)
  • 8 August, GOOD. No news is good news. market opened 1,292 closed 1,307, add 15 points (+15)
  • 9-Aug-07, AVERAGE. No news is good news. market opened 1,316 closed 1,313.39 market minus 3 points.(-3)
  • 10-Aug-07, AVERAGE. NameWee are force to clarify the song with Malays and English lyrics. Politikus yet to make any statements. KLSE opened 1,291 , closed 1,287.70, weaken by 4 points (-4)
  • 13-Aug-07 to 14-Aug-07. BAD. More Barisan Najis politikus send threatened words. Market dive from 1,300 point to 1,288, (-12)
  • 15-Aug-07. DISASTER. NameWee publish his “apologies” statement, another politikus say it is unacceptable. Market open 1,277 closed 1,251 plunge 44 points (-44)

Plain coincident. I hope not. Reading the trend send a chills to my back. The total casualties of Bolehland terroristpolitikus threat has total up -77 points. While a positive NameWee day, KLSE gains a total of (15-3)= +12 points. However, the punches from various stupidpolitikus are too filthy and corrupted that NameWee positive karma are able to sustained.

A fengsui master can con you for years. But statistics will no lies (yes, as spin doctor will not lies, they just spin). ARMNor and MCAi better swallow their RM4.6 billions shits and let this young man alone. It is a DISASTER to pursue him, you never know how many billions are going to be vaporized during the process.

p/s: I bet millions of BN politikus elections funds just fried from the KLSE plunge. If the saga continue, all their funds will become charcoal.


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