Are NegaraKuku “just Malaysia Chinese problem” or “Malaysian issue”?

Posted On 19/08/2007

Filed under Food for thoughts

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As NameWee Negaraku-ku issue enter the 3rd weeks, many things still pending. For example, PKR consultant, Anwar Ibrahim and PAS are standing aside as it is a “Chinese trouble”.

Oh yes, just because Negaraku-ku stereotype that “hurts the feeling of Muslim”

  • About Muslim female wearing tudung crossing the street without watching the traffics
  • Using loud PA system to broadcast Azhaan
  • Making jokes of bad coordination of Azhaan broadcast from adjacent location

It sounds like a dilemma. But is it? Yes, ARMNor control all the media. But what is worst when ARMNOR is taking the opportunity to the religions looks bad. Are the lyrics reveal some truth or plain lies?

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