Am I Offended by RPK? Nope

Posted On 21/08/2007

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RPK just shot his latest volley

That is how scared the Chinese are. So please don’t get taken in by those Kung Fu movies of one hero facing 100 evil people and beating these 100 people with just one punch. The Chinese are scared shit. They do not dare get involved in anything perceived as anti-government. They will manufacture porn. They will act as pimps and run brothels. They will traffic in drugs. They will assassinate MCA leaders and underworld leaders (most times they are one and the same). They will run illegal lotteries and gambling operations. They will run loan sharking businesses and burn your house down and kidnap your children if you do not pay. They will rob banks and goldsmith shops. This, they dare do. But they will never manufacture anti-government VCDs. And they will never, ever host Malaysia Today on their servers

As a Chinese, I just keep my eye rolls. I will not jump the guns and shout and tell RPK that he is lying. Indeed, I agree with him, these are FACTS indeed.

On the other hand, I can’t wait to see MaChAi go shout at RPK about the claims, use their papers and demonised RPK words, show immaturity with all sort of “feel goods” jargon in their platform.

Besides pirated VCDs, we know how the Tai-E-Long (loan sharks) infest the country. You can’t get away with their ugly sticker over water pipes, wall, electrical pillars,trees, annoying leaflet and even name card size ads in full color (they should use plastic).

My friends always refer Taiwan parliament as “triad infested, monkey fighting”. However, when I point out the fact that Bolehland parliament are WORST than them, they change their view. Yes, especially when I add the facts that 80% of Bolehland MP are deems bankrupts once upon a time(and that’s the reason they target CTOS ). And MaChAi and MICkey are no better, both directly or indirectly related to triads,loan sharks,etc.

Actually all sensible mind will tell you don’t need K9 to sniff out the VCD. Nor will anyone believe (besides those politickus and their subordinate)the pirated VCD/DVD want to waste their time on the two pathetic K9. When you make friends with their master, after all, K9 are mens best friend isn’t it. 😉

I will keep my eye rolls and keep reading Malaysia today.

Doc Maverick speak out his His own view. I agree with some addition point. Malaysia Chinese are just too diverse. There is scholar,literate,philosopher,fighter,cultural figurine; as well as triads, drug addicts,cronies,politickus, etc.

Chinese are “more tolerant” is not because the male balls are shrinking, but because our brain a bigger, we are willing to read and see the bigger world compare to average “bumi”. It is a mindset of mature society vs immature society.

Indeed RPK craft the message on purpose, he is waiting MaChAi to bite the bait.

TV smith just take some decisive moment photo , appropriate themes for the national day.

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