Pig can fly inside PKFZ (with RM4.6 billions notes)

Posted On 23/08/2007

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According to this spinnews from Bolehland news agency, that the PKFZ

“expects to be self sufficient in its operation in 2010 when its revenue is projected to be at RM40 million with expenditure at RM24 million.”

Somebody must enlightened me how the spokeperson make out the figures. Since PKFZ are bailing out with 6 years, RM4.6 Billions bond binding with 4% interest rates, the party that run PKFZ must pay RM 184Millions interest rates per annum, with a default of RM766 millions. A total of RM 950 millions default to make. Say the RM4.6 billions funds has been given this year (2007), company that run PKFZ MUST pay RM950 millions until year 2013.

Hmmmm, and some people just talking about “self sufficient” in year 2010. How the hell you can self sufficient when your revenue only represents 4.2% of your loan default. Even the PKFZ making RM40millions in NET PROFIT, it will take PKFZ 142 years to repay all the loan, even the country don’t charge PKFZ extra interest. Well, they are smart anyway, in 142 years time, inflation will make a slice of bread worth 100 ringgits.


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