Yet another self-rigtheous groups that ops for power

Posted On 23/08/2007

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Maddruid has write some food for thoughts in his blog titled : Of MCCBCHS and free speech.

In Bolehland, we never failed to see religion group use authority power to shut off speeches. It give me a chills when groups like MCCBCHS (Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism) prefer to use the authority power to shut off a media because “it hurts certain people feeling”.

In my opinion, it is an action that show MCCBCHS are practicing religions in the forms rather than substances.

When MCCBCHS showing their way of “representing” Christian groups by getting authority to mess up with free speech, they are actually doing more damage to the Christian believe. Firstly, how can be possible that a Christian faith easily “damage” by a picture that portraits Jesus with beer and ciggies? Secondly, since Christian always refer everything as God creation, when MCCBCHS say the picture “hurts the Christian group feeling”, isn’t it a blemishing practice on Christian belief? Only an immature believer think the bad taste picture are shaking their belief.

As a quasi-buddhist, I want NO PART of MCCBCHS to represent me. I don’t think a group like MCCBCHS that can’t hold their word can achieve anything with IFC(Inter-faith Commissions). If you can’t grabs the substances of what you believe, how can you make other agree with you.

BTW, since MCCBCHS practice forms rather than substances, they should change the name ASAP, because the abbreviation make a PERFECT Cantonese vulgars.


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