In Malaysia, PM stand for Pudden-head Minister

Posted On 23/08/2007

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This topic is acknowledge by hoehark

stupid pm
Photo source (I pirate it) from HoeHark

Yes, in Malaysia government politics, cronism, provocative abilities,corrupted mind and stupidity is require skill.

But in private business, language and technical knowledge are REQUIREMENTS.

When Arab country send you a fax in Jawi, do you get somebody know nothing about Jawi to handle it? And how about getting instruction/business to Taiwan/China/Korea/Japan manufacturer? Do you waste the time to make people write your language or adapt yourself to speed up the business?

I don’t understand why Utusan-M (I think it is a shameful for a propaganda and stupid newspaper to use the country name as part of name for the newspaper) purposely make it big as something to be proud about.

It seems nobody advising the Pudden-head Minister. I just can’t imagine one day he ask Malaysia IT world to abolish the programming language requirement.

And we have more reason why YOU SHOULDN’T host your website in Malaysia. You wouldn’t know when the government going to BAN programming language in Malaysia cyberworld.

Yes, the whole game of spinning is yet another effort to cover up the RM 4.6 Billion PKFZ scandal and other irregularity inside the government.

But it puzzle me why his MaChAi fail to find something intelligent for him to spin with.

An Anonymous leave a comments and correct me about the Jawi vs Arabic thing.
Wikipedia has a brief information about Jawi and Arabic language . The different are similar to German vs Swedish, looks like similar alphabet but carried different meaning.

Yes, I purposely use programming language in the contrast, since Pudden-head can’t relate human language as skill in business! If you don’t get me, than too bad. 😉


2 Responses to “In Malaysia, PM stand for Pudden-head Minister”

  1. Last 太监 from B10 5-05

    Sebab semua politikus adalah goblok, jadi rakyat biasa tak boleh “go blog” lah …. rakyat kena di-goblok-kan dengan sekuat-kuatnya …

    P/S :

    POlitikus = politician macam tikus di boleh-land
    goblok = bodoh (I learned it from one of the politikus)

  2. anonymous

    Arabs in general, don’t talk and write Jawi, they use, *brace yourself*, Arabic!

    and fyi, banning programming language is like banning people from speak any form of language known to man. Please use a better analogy next time. Yours suck.

    Woohee, I love nitpicking!

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