Oh mum, look at those CORRUPTED Malaysia flag!

Posted On 30/08/2007

Filed under Food for thoughts

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Malaysia government , guilty as charged. The evidents of corrupted Malaysia flag can be spotted EVERYWHERE now.

First, those corrupted Malays show a distorted Malaysia flag.

And then, a mandarin blogger find out Malaysia government just fix a Banana-durians flag on a stage for the National Day parade.

And look at the make up, it seems mother fucker has print out and distribute the distorted flag in MASS. And guess what, the pollution of the national flag does not start from NameWeefar, but Bolehland government. Just look at the <a href="“>solid proof in the Bolehland government website, just check the left side bar “Announcement” section.

If you see nothing wrong with the flag, as a Malaysian, then something is very wrong with your education. The flag are badly distorted and cover up by all heads. It doesn’t matter those head are the formal Malaysia prime minister, no sane designer should do that. If you want to display the flag, you must display it in WHOLE, not cover by those freaking “figurine”.

Welcome to Bolehland!


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