Alternate reality of PutraJaya

Posted On 31/08/2007

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The bridge are boring. 😉

After getting few gulps of caffein drinks, thinks become better

May the Malaysian dream come true. You don’t need a shooting star to wish that, just a little openess and creativeness will do.

Let’s talk about unknown

Human are easily confuse, since we are all mortal. Live is short, but still many idiots think they can live and rules forever.

But human creativeness are endless.

We are suppose to be explorer, not exploiter. But it doesn’t mean we are gullible.

We can create better reality.

Selamat Hari Merdeka.

More photos available here

After the fireworks show, it took 3 hours for the traffic in PutraJaya/CyberJaya to clear. And it is my lifetime experience that Cyberjaya and PutraJaya fit so many cars. It is the first time I see PutraJaya/CyberJaya highway flooded with cars.

看烟花, 我就会想起金庸《神雕侠侣》里头, 杨过为郭襄准备的生日烟花, 居然可以将祝贺的字当烟花放出来。 很多人会问, 有可能吗?当然有可能, 只有脑袋僵化掉的才会认为没可能, 其实只要用用脑袋,把字型放在引线发射后才点燃. 何况设计烟花的工程师, 还可以用电脑来做测试。


3 Responses to “Alternate reality of PutraJaya”

  1. twilight

    wow.. ur photos all so creative!! nice work!

    moo_t : Thanks

  2. ylchong

    tq you for bi-lingual Post — my mandarlin is improving by leaps and bounds, like fileworks-lah!:)

    Did Petronas reimburse you for thy tank-up caught in the 2-3 hour-jam–or zammed?:(

    moo_t : I just park at the road aside and shoot more photos. Just can’t resist parking at the biggest parking in the world 😉

  3. youzi


    moo_t : 过奖了, 谢谢。

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