It is swines show time! 又是猪喽时段!

Posted On 05/09/2007

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KTemoc has wrote numerous view on the recent pig issues in Malacca.

The Pig on Noah’s Ark
Piggy politics
Pig of Problem
Pig of Problem(2)

And the part amuse me are the following

exceprt from Pig of Problem

Now hear this – malaysiakini reported state Agriculture and Rural Development Committee deputy president Abdul Rahman Pali as saying the state government aims to only allow 48,000 pigs to be reared in the state as opposed to the estimated current number of 140,000 animals.

Yes, from the money sense. Just think of this, if each mature pig sell for RM500 each, the total value of the 140,000 pigs in Melacca will be whopping RM 70 millions. Extracting 10% from the sales cycles, you will get RM 7 millions. And this is a value before calculate the process of middleman chain, retailing, exports and etc.

If a small state like Melacca house 140,000 pigs, it means Malaysia pig farming industry is a HUNDREDS-MILLIONS business. It is a business that can out-beat hundreds of KLSE listed company. In country like Taiwan, no politikus are dare to angers pig farmer, not because of the number of 300KG swines power, but the economy-chains of the pig-farming. In Japan, most award winning pig farmers are millionaires, the black pig(Berkshire pig) can easily fetch 3,000 yen per KG (RM 90.82 per KG).

And guess what, with the enormous economy power, Malaysia pig farmer are still like beggars and bandits. Beside paying tax, they gain almost NOTHING from the government. The government has no intention of reduce the import tax rate on all environment related equipment (e.g. water treatment equipment for pig farms) and various tools that will help pig farmers to set up modern pig farms.

Worst, the pig farmer themselves are not interested to setup a body to gather the economy and strength to improve their living, and many of them are stupidly support the MaChAi than establish a pig farmer associations. How the hell a politikus parties like MaChAi can know the swines problem better than the pig farmer themselves?

Should the Melacca politikus happens to be in Taiwan and Japan, when he speak out of the pigs curbing words, I will be bet lorries of pig dungs will be dump right in front of the politikus offices in next few day!

With the ever growing China food population, the pig farming are billions dollars (ringgit are too small to talk about) business. It is sad that while wasting RM 4.6 billions on the scandalous PKFZ project, Malaysia government don’t bother about the billions ringgits industry.

But can we blame the gahmen ? Even with hundred millions of economy power, after 50th national day, Malaysia pig farmers still failed to find a way to establish a powerful body to represent their economy power. Nobody can help when people refuse to help themselves.


事实上, 在一个拥有上亿元经济力量的工业, 马来西亚猪农居然连一个像样的游说团体都没有, 真的非常的可笑和可悲。 不自我升值团结力量, 而懒惰的去靠拢那个马仔公会, 结果就是, 到了第五十年的国庆, 马来西亚猪农还是一盘散沙。 和台湾日本农夫相比, 如果那个猪头政客胆敢放话限制猪的数量, 我敢肯定, 隔天猪农会把整车的猪粪倒在议会厅前。

如果马来西亚猪农还不吸取教训, 团结一致, 开始现代化养猪的方法,那末没有人能帮助他们。 指望马来西亚的种族政府, 门儿都没有。 猪农不自强, 就只好当罨猪。


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