It is fun to see fundamenatlists fonder the pig ;)

Posted On 06/09/2007

Filed under Food for thoughts

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Yes, the pig farms are dirty and stench, on the other hand, the pig farming industry also a hundred millions business in Malaysia. And best of all, the so called “Islamic state” Malaysia, has earn no less than RM 10 billions from various “non-halal” practice.

Now, the fundies is picking on whatever parties that show “support” on the piggy story. No, they cannot argue rationally and intelligently, nor they bother to read opinion from people like KTemoc.

What the fundies do are jump straight into the mud. And the malpractice and possible corruption from the local councils are unseen. To the fundies, the corruptions “haram”(forbidden) level are tolerable compare to the pig farmer.

I am quite amuse that, what happen when the housing estate start placing near poultry farms? Will the fundies jump their guns on the issue than pointing root of the problem? Will fundies point out the government neglect its roles on providing a sustainable environment for the local agricultural industry? Where is the government policy and incentive to help develop a sustainable agricultures?


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