Malaysia Budget 2008 (Bajet 2008)

Posted On 06/09/2007

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Ok, this is a partial parody. If you go 5xmom site, you will learn she wrote the topic Bajet 2008(Malaysia Budget 2008)”. And I just reverse the sequence and voila, my new blog topic. 😉

After DAP recruit plenties of expert and think tank (at last, after so many years), they have make something good out of it. As claim by Howsy : If You Let DAP Run The Country, You’ll Get Something Like This…, that the people really benefit from it (no, not your crony that wait for pork-barrels and gravy trains) .
fulll version available here

While DAP is writing something that make sense, expect the UMNO government will make something that feels good, especially to the propaganda media, like Utusan-MauDuitU NaSTy, MaChAi paper deStar, Sin-Chew,etc. For sure, they refusecannot write why a resources rich(human,agriculturer and mineral rich) country like Malaysia can end up like a limping dog that lag behind “once upon a time behind us countries” .


One Response to “Malaysia Budget 2008 (Bajet 2008)”

  1. vijay

    “Beginning financial year 2008, public listed companies will be required to disclose their employment composition by race and gender, as well as programmes undertaken to develop domestic and Bumiputera vendors.”

    Comment on above highlight: Will the government be the one do so first, disclose their emloyment composition by race & gender in all government sectors, as well as programmes undertaken to develop poor Non-Bumis???

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