Malaysia Budget 2008 (Bajet 2008) AKA Goldfish bloke budget (2008年金鱼佬预算案)

Posted On 07/09/2007

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source : wikipedia, author : Lerdsuwa
Oh my.
Remember the story of a King to his adviser about angry starving people on the street? “Why can’t they eat cakes”.

Cutting 1% corporate tax are merely feel good factor for SME. However, it will ENRICH the big conglomerate that making hundred millions. And various investment instrument stamp duty exemption and relief, are only mean for the rich broker house and investment funds.

On the other hand, no many incentive is mentioning. Indeed, a good incentive are many times more effective than the 1% corporate cost cutting (that mean for the rich).

So what is so “good” about the universal book loan system? It sounds “noble”, but yet, there is massive corruption that follow the logistic. Because Malaysia budget rarely explain how the government implement the logistic. The system are so corrupted that a RM 1 investment on ANY project, less than RM 0.10 will be spend on the real stuff. I can foreseen a multi-millions bailout on the universal book loan system in year 2008.

When Howsy point out the “likely” plagiarising about “life long” learning. Alas, it is not. Because what the DAP budget report are more realistic and effective, by given direct incentive. While what the government suggest in the budget report are “why don’t you eat cakes” RM5,000 tax relief. I wonder, if a urban worker spend all his money on everywhere, even he is earning RM4,000 per month, the RM5,000 “tax relief” only help him to pay RM200 less tax. Oh, great, provided he fork out RM5,000 for the “tuition fees”.

Continue reading Malaysia government 2008 budget report just send my heart sink deeper.

So this is my conclusion for Malaysia 2000 budget (Malaysia bajet 2008) are
Goldfish bloke(Gum-Yi-Low) budget

Definition of Godfish bloke (Gum-Ye-Low)
Hong Kong people always refer pedophile and sex maniac as Goldfish bloke (Gum-Ye-Low).
It is a term originate from the 60’s. In SumSui area, a man are making story “Let me show you some beautiful goldfish”, and lures minority to remote place and molest them. A 29 years old is caught and put into prison for live. From there’s on, Goldfish Bloke (Cantonese spelling Gum-Ye-Low) are synonyms of sex maniac that take advantages gullible minorities or girls.

So are you one of the Malaysian that fell for the goldfish bloke?


港人一般为有恋童癖者为「金鱼佬」,点解?这个名词原来可追溯到六十年代。1960年深水发生多宗 非礼及强奸女童案,一名男子以「我带你去睇金鱼」为名,诱骗女童到僻静地施暴。警方不久拘捕当年29岁姓方塑胶工人,他其后承认18宗罪,被判终身监禁,是当时有非礼案以来,刑罚最重的个案。自此,「金鱼佬」一词不胫而走,成为专门诱拐小童非礼强奸的色魔代名词


我对马来西亚 《2008 年财政预算案》 只有一个评语 《金鱼佬预算案》。 当天真的小女孩还以为可以看到”美丽的金鱼”, 到了目的地才发现所谓的”金鱼叔叔“ , 除了向她们上下一对咸猪手, 真正的金鱼连影都看不见。

羊毛出在羊身上。 可悲的是, 为数不少的成年人会蠢到相信 「我带你去睇金鱼」 , 而让政府上下其手。

source from mob1900


2 Responses to “Malaysia Budget 2008 (Bajet 2008) AKA Goldfish bloke budget (2008年金鱼佬预算案)”

  1. WTJ

    election is near, you cna smell it

  2. pj_bali


    Just passing through. The quote “let them eat cake” was attributed to Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France. It was her response to peoples’ complaints about the rising price of bread. Eventually Marie was excecuted during the French Revolution. Just some trivia for ya.


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