Malaysia dysfunction government and dealing with it (1)

Posted On 10/09/2007

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Social functionalism as define inside wikipedia

Functionalism is about the structure and workings of society. Functionalists see society as made up of inter-dependent sections which work together to fulfill the functions necessary for the survival of society as a whole.

So when a government dysfunction, it means the system start deteriorate and fail to provide services to the people.

And the best examples for government dysfunction is show in the Melacca Pig farmers incidents. A lengthy writing from Ktemoc on his Pigs, politics, polemics, pollution, propaganda, profits has told us how the government screw up, a symptoms of government dysfunctional.

We notice government servants rather use all sort of excuses to relief themselves(rather than the pig farmers) from responsibilities. The whole episode is render to a simpleton level of “pig farmers” against “housing estate residents”. If majority Malaysian accept that, I weep for the country.

In facts, the pig farmers problem involve hell a lots of government department.

  • Ministry of agricultures. Did anyone see statistics and policy from this department about the pig industry? No, MoA are mute about this
  • Ministry of housing development. It is still a puzzle why the resident area land next to the pig farms.
  • Ministry of natural resource and environment. And this is the department that are suppose to give the pollution assessment and SOLUTIONS
  • Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Tell us the cost factor of the pig farming. It doesn’t matter it is political correct for Muslim minister. If they insist to be “religious political correct”, they should as well surrender the post and let non-muslim minister handle it. We cannot allow fundamentalist and politikus play the trade issue. You must think about the everyday consequences of suppressing the pig farming via politics : as other meat price will increase dramatically. So at the end, it is not just pork eating Non-Muslim affect by the political correct idea, but Muslim will hit hard as well.
  • and don’t forget

  • Ministry of human resource. What happens to the pig farming industry research? What is the skill the department has provide so far? And how the political movement of curbing the pig farming will affect the job market?

As we can see, each ministry are interlock with each other. In a modern government, every single policy can NEVER be a problem of individual department. If the government itself failed to realize the meaning of integration, it is a dysfunctional government.

In the pig farming issue, the Melacca minister failed to give us where he derive the “desire” number for pig farming. None of any of the mentioned department speak out.

Worst, the pig farming is not a isolated case. For example, the RM4.6billions PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), the national car project, the recent “Killing long distance bus”, National services, etc, show a disorientate and unresponsive government.

The RM 4.6 billions PKFZ (and all the port in Malaysia) is should never be a pet project ministry of transport. Because it involve assessment from MITI (ministry of international trade and industry) to give the solid trade figures; Ministry of Human resource to assess availability of human resource and necessary training; Ministry of education to assess whether to enable the university to train viable personnel for port management; etc.

Unfortunately, votes along CANNOT fix the problem that rot till the root. When the corruption and bureaucracy rampant the disorientate and unresponsive system, it will take a big shock to rejuvenate the system. However, immature Malaysia political system does not permit a shocking approach. The people must seek alternate approach to solve the problem.

………I will discuss the solution in next writing : Malaysia dysfunction government and how to deal with it (2)


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