Welcome to Wild Wild West Malaysia

Posted On 10/09/2007

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When Singapore call Johor a cowboy town, Malaysia government are angry about it. However, there is little Bolehland propaganda media can do, as all new evidents show that beside Johor state, every state has its own cowboy town.

And worst, according to the latest news from Malaysiakini, the cowboy mentality has spread to Trengganu, besides using water canon and tear gas, live bullets has been fired “to disperse crowd”.

And worst, Bolehland DPM failed to shut his mouth and jump the gun and defend the bullet firing are valid, before consulting any law advisor regarding the procedure. The act DOES NOT earn PDRM any respect. It make it worst by highlighting PDRM trigger-friendly-cowboy-mentality.

The rural kampung folks may buy that manipulate news from the propaganda mainstream newspaper. But one question is not answered : Did Malaysia police academic procedure taught police to fire live bullet straight to the crowd? And the second question, why the police officer allowed to carry a gun during a risky event!

This is not a Unforgiven movie in making, but it happens in Malaysia, a so called “civilised democracy” country for 50 years.

Welcome to the wild wild West Malaysia.

Oh yes, I am waiting for the cybertrooper and apologist to shoot me on the “self-defense” claim. 😉

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