Why travel Russia when you have secret police in UPM!?

Posted On 18/09/2007

Filed under Food for thoughts, Funs

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In Bolehland, we know the “special branch” are equivalent to secret police in ex-USSR and ex-East Germany.

To keep alive the abolished East Germany secret police force, now the infamous Bolehland university – UPM revive the secret police spirit inside the university campus.

Oh wait, isn’t it when somebody say, learn the good stuff from Germany are about learning the lawful, democracy and free Germany? Rather than the bankrupt, iron-fist, secret police rampant East Germany?

UPM seems “forgot” it is a PUBLIC university. The whole secret pollice policy is are against public interest, thus deem illegal. I wonder when this campus secret police will be given the authority to carry a gun , or perhaps, using C4 ?


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