Money burned, people must change their lifestyle AGAIN!

Posted On 19/09/2007

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When Petronas test the water by giving the hint of increasing fuel subsidiaries “burden”, we know it is matter of time the country announce another round of fuel hikes.

Howsy spot the bucks passing statement : change your lifestyle.

Actually, Malaysia are “slightly” better than the fuel rationing issue in Iran . Thanks to the 20 years national car policies, the government has build a automobile dependent urban society that engulf subsidiaries fuel like no tomorrow. It is a man made disaster, because the good private money are burned on the vehicle, while the public money are burned in daily fuel consumption.

Nevertheless, we know if Petronas money are not pay for fuel subsidiaries, it will be waste in somewhere. But before the national car project started, Malaysia has 10 times less petrol pump and repair workshop. Now it become a deadlock to Malaysia economy : a headache to replace the automobile economy model.

IMHO, the “lifestyle change” just confirmed one thing : The stock market rally before the US subprime mortgage , are fuel by “election money investment” for quick money earning. When the US subprime problem hit Malaysia, hundreds millions, or perhaps billions ringgit of such money are vaporised. To replace the “election money”, you must find way to fill up “their” coffer.

Should I care? Well, perhaps time for me to buy a bicycle for outing on weekend. Errr, provided I am not running down by a car or motorcycle.


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