OMG, yet another guinea pig experiment from the “TOP”

Posted On 25/09/2007

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In 1st world country, the state of head will NEVER interfere with his minister about departmental policies, unless it is went awfully wrong and question by the public and the professional. The reason are obvious, a state leader are never born to know everything, but know the people that work best for the task. Beside work segregation, it is about focus and professionalism. When one division require another division help/resources/input, the leader should make bridge for them to talk, create a inter-governmental interaction culture, rather than fooling around with politics.

For example, when come to school session issue, the Prime Minister/President will STFU before consult his education minister!

Alas, in country like Malaysia, it become a cultures that Prime Minister “are the know all”. He can override all minister by surprise or flick of idea. Due to the kow-tow appointment structure, all the minister are merely Yes-man, whom are both incompetent and unresponsive to their job.

I am not surprise about this new stunt. Remember, it is a traditional inherit from the ex-PM, Tun Dr Mahathir(TDM), that always carry the slogan “Let’s do it” with stubborn mindset. But modern day government are more complex than having a “Let’s do it” mindset and iron fist execution. A modern government need a massive information and resources to make one policies success.

For example, just take the example of unplanned work of reintroduction English into Malaysia school. :

  • Did the ministry of human resource give a solid assessment of various language in Malaysia job market and business? Beside English, is there a need for Mandarin, Japanese, German, Arab ?
  • Did the Ministry of trade assess the trading partners need? Since EU are also emerge as Malaysia major trading partners, can Malaysia expand the business to non-English speaking world?
  • Did ministry of Education draw a plan and budget to train the teacher to handle the language teaching?

Despite the PR rampant culture, I fail to see any ministry has word together to make things work. Everyone pretend it is a Prime Minister Pet Project, rather than making Malaysia a better country! And the best part : the Prime Minister really think those are his pet project, his legacy.

The single school session is NOT education driven, indeed, IMHO, it is yet another Prime Minister Pet Project, without intensive study, input from various ministry. But what works for TDM will NOT work for AAB. Because the world keep changing. In yesterday, nobody will believe EU establish before end of the 20 century, and nobody notice Chinese “uprising” will taking Asean foreign investment like a vacuum cleaner.

Here is some simple question that the PM can’t even answer when he spoke out his pet project :

  1. What is the health impact to the teacher and student for the prolong session?
  2. Can prolong session increase the learning effectiveness?
  3. How much resources require to support such activities
  4. How the school solved the high afternoon temperature issue inside the class room?
  5. What is the average class room size after introducing the single session?

Surprisingly, the education minister are not INFORMED when AAB speak out the idea. The health minister has no idea about it. The HR minister are in dark. AAB are suppose to let those on the job do the feasibilities study before speaking. What AAB doing just showing Malaysia administration are in dysfunctional state, where politics PR (Private Relation)/propaganda has take over the normal administration work.

Since the condition in Bolehland deteriorate from bad to worst, no ministry are in functional state to pickup the boring research and reporting work to find feasibilities of
Prime Minister Pet Project.

Don’t hold your breath when this Prime Minister Pet Project fail to deliver anything good in next 20 years.


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