Malaysia Tak Boleh! : Malaysia pull out from AFC qualifiers

Posted On 26/09/2007

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From the Star report, Malaysia pull out of AFC U-19 qualifiers (date : Wednesday September 26, 2007)

And the reason reported :

This was because eight key players will be sitting for their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations beginning on Nov 12.

“There is no point in participating if we can’t field our best 11. We don’t want to be trounced by our opponents with scores of 6-0 or 7-0,” said Azzuddin.

What kind of Kampung(rural) football management is this?

Cannot find 8 good replacement player? Malaysia population are 6 times (600%) more than neighborhood Singapore.

I don’t know which is worst for Malaysia dignity : Getting stuff with zero in AFC qualifier games or telling the world that Malaysia are incompetent in simple sport management.

Again, nobody will bother to fix it, as long as Malaysia sport arena infested by thick-skin, shameless politikus within the administration.

This is pathetic.


2 Responses to “Malaysia Tak Boleh! : Malaysia pull out from AFC qualifiers”

  1. Gallivanter

    LOL. This is so lame.

  2. vincent

    Name me a team – any football team in the world that can replace 8 of their first team players and do an equal job.

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