Cleaning the crooked Malaysia EC(SPR) voters database – Real computing facts vs EC bullshit

Posted On 28/09/2007

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In year 1995, Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad announce the ambitions project of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), an ambition project that will bring changes to Malaysia beyond his knowledge. The project help the spreading of Internet awareness across Malaysia. The whole Intenet things take shape during the peak of Dot-Com Bubbles, it is unstoppable now.

The ever growing internet has help computing technology expand follows the path of Moore law. The faster Personal Computer Central Processing Unit (CPU) in year 1996, are Intel Pentium Pro 200 Mhz(Megahertz), pumping at 541 millions instruction per second(MIPS) at 200Mhz. After 10 years, in year 2006, the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700, are able to pour 57,063 MIPS at 3.33 GHz(Gigahertz). A increase of 105 times, or 10,500%. And this processing speed is before discount increment of various technology enhancement, e.g. computer peripherals speed, hard disk speed and capacity, memory speed,etc.

Just imagine this, a processing that take 105 minutes(1 hour 45 minutes) in year 1996 using Pentium Pro 200Mhz CPU, only take 1 minutes to complete using today computer power.

Besides the processing speed, the processing volume is also beyond the 1996. In 1996, the information carried are on a 66Mhz bus, today, a high end server can fetch data across a 1333Mhz bus, a 20 times increase of data transfer. For example, if the 1996 personal computer are able to fetch 1,000 records in 1 second, today computer can scan through 20,000 records in 1 seconds. And this is a conservative example. Because in real life, using the open source MySQL database, a 500,000 record can be fetch in 8 seconds (62,500 records/second). While commercial server(with better power compare to personal computer) using Oracle database, can easily fetch 1 millions record in less than 8 seconds.

Now come to our main topics : how is it all has to do with Malaysia Election Commissions(EC/SPR – Suruhan Pilihan Jaya ) voter database? In 1996, Malaysia population stand for 19.9 millions people vs 2007 27 millions people, the population increase 1.35 times.

So in 1996, a computer can read 19.9 millions Malaysia IC (just imagine all underage also have a IC- identification card) in 331 minutes (5 hours 31 minutes), in year 2007, a computer system which cost many times cheaper than it can read 27 millions population records in 432 second or 7 minutes 12 seconds.

So the complexity and resources claims by Malaysia election councils are nothing but bullshit.

The following system can fit 100 years of Malaysia voters information and even Malaysia NRIC information can fit into the following system,(yes, even Malaysia expand to 100 millions population in year 2057).

Quadcore 2.66Ghz, 2 x 4MB Cache 133Mhz FSB
2 pieces of OS disk mirroring
6 pieces of 400GB harddisk using RAID 10 (usable space = 1,200 GB, or 1.2 PB(Petabytes)
Price – Less than RM 40,000 and dropping by days

By indexing (a cross referencing similar to library system) NRIC of all the records, the computer database can scanning through the 10.3 millions registered voters and cross check National registration department provided NRIC information in less than 30 minutes.

Any college student that having the basic database development training can create the scanning instruction in 30 seconds.

It won’t take hours(not even day) to produce any of the following Malaysia phantom voter report

  • Phantom voters list by state
  • Phantom voters list by age
  • Phantom voters list by ethnics
  • Phantom voters list by civilian, by army, by police (in Malaysia army and police using different identity card)
  • and any creative search you can think off as long as the database structure allowed, e.g. phantom voters that age 100, phantom voters that are “deceased”, underage phantom voter,  place that doesn’t exist,  address that contradicting with NRIC, etc.

No, Malaysian don’t need to spend <a href=””>RM 4.6 billions </a>,  or <a href=””>leaking millions consultation fees</a>.

With less than  RM40,000 and a computer database trainee, you can have all the funs of “korek” phantom that Malaysia Election commission that drawing millions of public salary annually that deems “impossible”.


One Response to “Cleaning the crooked Malaysia EC(SPR) voters database – Real computing facts vs EC bullshit”

  1. Gh

    It’s very easy to illustrate that checking of ICs is very easy to do:

    Go to ANY bank branch, ask them to check your account number using your IC. Their database contains hundreds of thousands, if not millions of account numbers (including company accounts). The result will come up in 1 second.

    In the US, when you are stopped by the police, the policeman will check your driver’s license number using his wireless LAPTOP in every patrol car. And this is for more than 20 million driver’s licenses. The result is very quick as well.

    So for checking a database of a mere 20 million would be ridiculously easy.

    The EPF in Malaysia also has a big database that they have no reported problems of “complexity”.

    What is lacking is political will to improve the SPR. It is, as you pointed out, merely a very weak excuse that they expect the public to swallow because they think the public is not smart.

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