What can be learned from 26 Sep Lawyer march for justice in Putrajaya

Posted On 28/09/2007

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  • It is mobilised in less than 7 days
  • Participated lawyer are given a
  • Well informed (don’t you love technology
  • Banners, tags, all prepared
  • Spontaneous march (4th floor expect the lawyers will turning back, but instead, the lawyer decide to walk 5km. )

You don’t see any “police constable” in the crowd.
You don’t see any burning material.

Surprise factor? 100%!

This is something that NGO and opposition should learn if they want to continue pro-people (AKA anti-BN government) awareness program/seminars : give no margin to instigator and do it professionally!


One Response to “What can be learned from 26 Sep Lawyer march for justice in Putrajaya”

  1. Brian Fong

    aiyo .. i think to be fair to the NGO and opposition organised rally .. the crowds are different.. they are mostly common folks who dont wear black attire and such so it is pretty easy for SB to infiltrate and become “one of them” whereas the lawyer march is like a black tie affair… these SB – if they mingle in the crowd would stand out like the macdonald clown with its red and white stripe among the black and white..

    and lawyers deal with these shady character type (ok-la not all lawyers deal with them) so they can smell them from 10 feet away..

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