Zero gravity are not place for Ramadhan fasting stunt!

Posted On 08/10/2007

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When the so called cosmonaut are riding on RM80 millions tax payer money and excessive baggage, a Ramadhan fasting is not a stunt that an INEXPERIENCE participant should do!

A space travel, until today, are still expensive. RM 80 millions sounds a good price for the Russian to get a cheap “rebate” from the overpriced Sukov fighter plane. However, if you bring a disobedience “flight participants” that insist the fasting stunt to ENDANGER the whole missions, it can easily cost Russia US$500 millions.

Scientist still has little knowledge of zero gravity effect on human. So the number 1 rules in space are : Stay as healthier as possible.

In fact, of the scientist want to do fasting experiment, it is CHEAPER to do it on guinea pig than the oversized human subject. At least it is a small coffin to deal with if something happens to the poor guinea pig during fasting experiments(e.g. heart failing, hypertension, blog clogs,etc).

Unless Malaysia want to make the first world record about GETTING REALLY SICK or even turn into CORPSE in space.

Now I wonder, has Russia borrow some Hollywood movie stunt to fake some “cut scene” on space, where Malaysia “flight participant” actually NEVER leave the ground 😉

KTEMOC has wrote an interesting pieces about the astronaut episode : Angkasawan & the amazing ‘Tok Tok Mee’ boy!


2 Responses to “Zero gravity are not place for Ramadhan fasting stunt!”

  1. mob1900

    *brings out his old space toys to attempt to shoot some ‘space’ footage and sell it to Jabatan Angkasa Lepas Malaysia( JAMAL)

  2. banana

    Actually, since he is only a flight participant, what ever he does or not doesn’t really matter. It’s not like he is doing anything “real”.

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