OKT, you make me puke 姓黄的你真够低级的令人噁心

Posted On 09/10/2007

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This is unhealthy. Yet another Malaysia politikus trying to play the racial card for political gains.

A heart translate is a major operation. It also mean the patient is under intensive care and medication to SUPPRESS the IMMUNE system from attacking the new heart. This mean the patient should be keep away from crowd, to reduce the risk of infections. Do you know that even a simple cold can become lethal complication to the patient? OKT abuse his power to arrange the meeting and put the patient life in danger.

On the other hand, OKT and his machai also produce some puking statement to highlight the racial issue. Blurdy m*ther f*cker. No organ donor will ever ask the religions and ethnics reason. So it not an issue that your MF MCA should play for political capitals gains.

OKT and MaChAi , you make me puke.


马来西亚政棍的噁心动作真的令人叹为观止。 为了捞取政治资本,可以不计后果,利用公众的不幸来制造(后果当然是公众自己”搞掂”)新闻。马来西亚狗崽公会,姓黄的会长,刚刚就上演了一部令人齿冷的政治把戏 : 把一群不知道有没有传染病的猪头, 在国家心脏中心的隔离病房来个不知所谓的”关怀摄影会” , 利用病患来捞政治资本。 姓黄的, 你今年几岁了?亏你还是什么部长, 你难道不知道,器官移植病人的免疫系统是必须被药物压抑, 以免身体排斥新的器官? 利用权力的方便而危害病患的健康来捞政治资本, 你真的很“可以”。

姓黄的, 令堂没有教过你“即所不欲, 勿施于人” 吗? 怪不得有人说, 马来西亚狗崽公会, 除了大厦前的两头麒麟之外, 里头没有一个人是干净的。

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One Response to “OKT, you make me puke 姓黄的你真够低级的令人噁心”

  1. AM

    Precisely my sentiments! I hope more bloggers will condemn these shame-faced politicians for their selfish acts.

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