The space pencil urban legend that refuse to die off

Posted On 11/10/2007

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From the day of 14.4Kbps dial up Internet day, there is one myths that trying to pretends as facts circulate around the internet, the “space pen”.

I bet some Malaysian will start circulate the junks spam about the rubbish again after the US$ 20millions price tag Malaysian spaceflight participants enter the space.

And here is the myth

NASA spent millions of dollars developing the zero-g capable Space Pen, with the humorous note that the Russian space agency opted to simply use pencils

Anyone that don’t use their brain will accept it as a facts blatantly. In facts, anyone who can think systematically, with sufficient knowledge, will know that pencil are dangerous on space.

Taken from wikipedia Space pen facts.

In fact, NASA programs have used pencils (for example a 1965 order of mechanical pencils[1]) but because of the danger that a broken-off pencil tip poses in zero gravity and the high flammability of both the graphite and wood present in pencils. a better solution was needed.

Yes, nobody want to mess up with your ship that float 100km above space with a simple pencils. And

  • On top of all that, it turns out that a standard ballpoint pen will work in space after all.
  • And those people who fascinated about Malaysia “first step” about “space technology”, have you ever read the facts that how NASA handles the writing on space enquries?


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