Waiting better offer from not-3G wireless broadband

Nobody will believe 15 years ago that our normal copper telephone wire can carry 20 times the usual 52Kbps analog dial up. Nobody will believe ISDN enter the history with a blink of eye.

I guess the wireless technology is not different.

Spot this article from slashdot : Why EDGE versus 3G matters less than you think .

For Malaysian, we are lack of choices. In fact, despite all wireless physics issue, EDGE network provide better network coverage compare to 3G network. Currently , Malaysia telco EDGE can serve up to 384Kbps, or 48 Kbytes/s, enough to load a few web pages (if you use tab browsing) within seconds.

Digi currently offer RM33 unlimited EDGE subscription for postpaid customer. But it is only offer to postpaid customer. Sigh! Nevertheless, the plan is much cheaper compare to Telekom analog dial up plan .

The cons of EDGE system? Beside the “slower advertised bandwidth”, the real issue lies on the medium. A EDGE PC card are prohibited expensive, it can easily cost from RM900 up to RM1300. Due to the poor EDGE PC card volume, getting a EDGE gateway capable mobile phone is way cheaper than getting a EDGE PC card (Duh!). Except the PC card will give better performance its CPU are mean to give better performance compare to mobile phone(perhaps).

Worst, in near future, EDGE evolution will render the old EDGE modem obsoleted.
As stated in wikipedia about EDGE

EDGE Evolution
EDGE Evolution improves on EDGE in a number of ways. Latencies are reduced by lowering the Transmission Time Interval by half (from 20 ms to 10 ms). Bit rates are increased up to 1 MBit/s peak speed and latencies down to 100 ms using dual carriers, higher symbol rate and higher-order modulation (32QAM and 16QAM instead of 8-PSK), and turbo codes to improve error correction. And finally signal quality is improved using dual antennas. An EDGE Evolution terminal or network can support some of these improvements, or roll them out in stages.

Some people might ask about WIMAX. Well, I will not hold my breath. Because IMHO(In My Humble Opinion), Malaysia government seems playing a “broadband hold back” plan. The WiMAX bandwidth bid winner that with poor funding are delay the roll up plan indefinitely(prepare to see this term appear in Malaysia more frequent than you though).

Seems I need to join the change-your-lifestyle-waiting-game, again.


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