We are (one point) better than Kazakhstan (for the time being)

Posted On 17/10/2007

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Malaysia 1 rank better than Kazakhstaninside Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007.

Since it is a trend to show the feel good “I know space technology better after the TV program”, better show some useful information.

For example, Kazakhstan are 8 times the size of Malaysia (both East Malaysia and West Malaysia), but with 15 millions population. Kazakhstan share the largest lake : Caspian Sea with a few country. They are another country(beside Turkey) applying for EU status. That’s mean, Kazakhstan has the potential to jump WAY AHEAD of Malaysia, if they improve their record to join EU.


One Response to “We are (one point) better than Kazakhstan (for the time being)”

  1. Maverick SM

    Ya, you are right. I also become an expert in space technology after watching Dr SMS on tv for a few minutes.

    And I will spent one month in scientific research so that I can call myself a Scientist.

    Malaysia mesti Boleh…bodoh.

    moo_t : But in Bolehland, we know you don’t need to be expert to earn first ten millions (yeah, 1 millions is render obsolete in Bolehland)

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