Oil close US$89 per barrel, should the pig farmer feel relief?

Posted On 20/10/2007

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Turning palm oi

l to Biofuel is way to expensive, unless Malaysian going to “change lifestyle”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

However, Biofuel are never limited to palm oil. Because Malaysia government are always short on idea, they only promote whatever they want YOU to know. Actually, lots of organic substance, or even waste product can turn into Biofuel

For example the pig shit, human waste, are good substance to convert to biofuel. Should Malaysia government be serious about real life biofuel, it will start invest to convert those livestock processing “waste” supply(e.g. livestock intestine) to biofuel plant.

Amazingly, I can predict hypocrite fundamentalist will start complaining about “halal” of the biofuel, since it is about “oil consumption” of their motor vehicles. ๐Ÿ˜‰

For other views, you can have better view from Jeff Ooi blog .


2 Responses to “Oil close US$89 per barrel, should the pig farmer feel relief?”

  1. Maverick SM

    A agree biofuel from pig waste is a an area of study and research. You are right as to the issue of HALAL. In Malaysia, corruption, torture and abuse of power are not within the dictionary of HALAL

    moo_t : I doubt the halal can keep up in time if those people keep thinking everything is applicable by THE book. For example, if a cow is not slaughter through the halal process, can you use the byproduct biofuel process from non-halal-slaughtered cow intestine waste? And automobile is a product NEVER exist in the book. How can those fundies keep track the halal-ness of the vehicle? Besides corruptions not in Bolehland halal book, I can sense more hypocrite talk there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Wuching

    thats a great idea..then all my shit will not be wasted down the sewer pipe!

    moo_t : bet indah water are the right party to invest in such technology. But without the driving force/incentive, it will not happens, until the country become oil importer.

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