MCMC should go back to school to rehearse 4W1H when come to public announcement

Posted On 22/10/2007

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11 sites shut down by MCMC, reported by theStar.

A total of 11 websites, including those created by bloggers, have been shut down by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) this year for contravening rules and regulations concerning the publication of information on the Internet.

Luckily the announcement is by Malaysia Boleh(TM) government body such as MCMC. If I ever write this kinda essay during my school time, I will get a “D”, for not following the 4W1H (Who,When, Where, What and How) writing rules.
MCMC should give us a solid 4W1H when playing the PR shows. Otherwise, they are WORST than bloggers that “lies”, because bloggers don’t get pay from tax payer money.

  • Who : Who involved? Are they one of the UMNO cybersquatter? I don’t recall anyone from the Malaysia socio-politics being shutdown.
  • Where : Where is the website. Where is the host, where is blogger, where….
  • What : What kind of content write they write?
  • When : When did MCMC find out those website, how long does it take for MCMC to father evidence to shut them down?
  • How : How MCMC shut them down? Is it by de-register those domain name from APNIC? By taking out their server?

Since MCMC has fail to give the people solid 4W1H on Malaysia SMS scam , WiMAX roll out delay, etc. Perhaps MCMC should subscribe all their department head to rehearse or even better, a rehab course to relearn those “”governance responsibilities” before taking up the regulation job.


Funny picture - Who maked my water go hard?
Image from Icannhaz cheez burger.
photo: ICHCF
capped and submitted by: caroline hume


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