When Malaysian still feels good about space flight, think about Kazakhstan

Posted On 22/10/2007

Filed under Food for thoughts

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Read this article from my usual slashdot.org geek newsfeed.

Russia’s Space City Frozen in Time

Even the technology hasn’t changed much. The Soyuz spacecraft designed in the mid-1960s is still in service, somewhat modified. It can only be used once, but costs just $25 million. The newest Endeavor space shuttle cost $2 billion, but is reusable.

No, when the Russia space station spoke person make a satire speech about selling Soyuz spacecraft for Malaysia to make next space flight, he mean it.
However, don’t bet that Malaysia government will spent the US$25 millions for the Soyuz spacecraft for reverse engineer, we won’t. Just think of this, for 20+ years, Proton has failed to create a niche car for the hot tropical weather.


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